For the first time issuance of a North Carolina identification card, learner's permit or driver's license, proof of residency is required which must include name and current North Carolina residence address. This is in addition to proof of age and identity requirements. Acceptable documents include the following. NOTE: The proof of residency documents are subject to verifiable authenticity by the Division.

(1) Documents issued by the United States Government or by the government of another nation, such as

  • Military orders
  • Valid passport
  • Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) documents
  • Correspondence from Veterans Administration
  • Matricula Consular from Government of Mexico
  • Correspondence from the Social Security Administration

(2) Documents issued by the State of North Carolina or its political subdivisions (County, city) another State, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico or a U.S. Territory, such as

  • Valid North Carolina vehicle registration
  • Correspondence or a service card from Social Services
  • Property tax statement
  • Library card
  • North Carolina voter registration card

(3) A preprinted bank or other corporate statement (Example: Bank statement) (4) A preprinted business letterhead (5) Documents deemed reliable by the Division such as

  • Apartment lease, housing contract, mortgage statement
  • Utility bill (Power bill, cable bill, water bill, etc.) or contract for utility services
  • School records signed by school official, including driver education certificates
  • Computer generated tax record
  • Current life, health, property or automobile insurance policy or binder
  • Letter from homeless shelter
  • Document from Social Services
  • Computer generated check stub