If you are a citizen of Russia and are a citizen of another country, it may soon be necessary to register your on-Russian citizenship with the Russian government. Failure to do so may result in criminal punishment, including correctional labor.

On March 27th, during the Russian President's meeting with the Council of the Federation, Andrei Klishas, a committee head of the upper chamber of parliament on constitutional law, proposed "to introduce legislation according to which citizens with passports of other countries must notify the Russian Federation." According to him, the concealment of the fact of a foreign nationality should be punished in correctional labor

The senator cited the oath of allegiance made by the U.S. citizens who also have another citizenship.

"An example of an oath of people taking foreign citizenship must not be overlooked," - responded Vladimir Putin. But, in his opinion, "this too should be overdone, the responsibility should not be excessive, although, of course, this responsibility should be there."

"The most important thing is that we register the fact (of the dual citizenship), and the responsibility -- it is for you to think about together with the deputies of the State Duma and the government", the head of state instructed.