Russian Christmas Raleigh NC USAOn Sunday, January 9, 2011, you are invited to celebrate the Russian Christmas in Raleigh, NC.

Information from the celebration organizers:

100 West Lochmere Dr
Cary, NC 27518
Family Center building
Beginning at 4:00 pm, Sunday, Jan 9, 2011

The Russian Christmas in Raleigh event will be the first Christmas festival celebrating Slavic unity.

Two thousand years ago, God sent His Son in order to unify the divided. Christmas is a celebration of unity; an invitation for humanity to return to the original relationships without any jealousy, anger, or doubt.

The Christmas holiday is an opportunity to spend the evening together, immersed in an atmosphere of Christmas and New Year celebrations; to remember that the most important things are not the countless store discounts, but rather the family and friendships, socializing over a cup of hot tea, the warmth of the family hearth...

What unites people away from their homeland? Why, upon hearing the native tongue in a store perchance, you are instantaneously transported thousands of miles to the childhood home, you suddenly catch a whiff of warm bread, friends and relatives appear in a memory, and tears well up? You want to come up to that person and ask, where you are from, how did you end up here, what do you do... We are forever connected by a single language, a similar past, and a common homeland.