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CHAMAH is a non-profit organization operating in the United States, Israel and Russia. It was founded in 1953 underground in the former Soviet Union. The programs which CHAMAH has been successfully operating for nearly fifty years are aimed to help the elderly and needy, disabled children and underprivileged families.

elderly and disabled home care in Russia

Over the years, the organization has gained a world of experience in providing elderly and needy people in Moscow with various types of feeding, social and medical programs. Nowadays 18000 elderly people are provided by food, medical-social programs; communal activities. 16000 from them live in Moscow. 2000 people live in 53 small towns of Moscow region. CHAMAH is operating a broad scope of humanitarian and educational programs.

The broad scope of CHAMAH's activities in the United States, Israel and Russia include soup kitchens, "Meals on Wheels" programs, home care for the elderly, senior citizen centers, community centers, institutions for underprivileged children, distribution of food staples for the hungry and needy population from all walks of life in Russia, day care centers, youth clubs, seminars, weekend retreats etc.

Chamah has arranged supplementary health services in cooperation with the local clinics for the convenience of the elderly. Moreover, medical equipment is provided for those in need of it. Caring for 605 bed-patients is an important part of regular prophylactic and medical attendance program. There are 120 nurses, working in Home care program. They take every day care for old lonely people, who survive only due to this program. Although government subsidies are available for a variety of indispensable medical supplies, not all of them are covered. Those not included in the list of subsidized products must then be purchased at their full price. This proves a most difficult task for seniors whose monthly government stipends are barely enough to provide for their basic necessities. To ease this additional financial burden, through the Drugstore Program, hundreds of people receive medications free of charge, individually dispensed according to the doctor's prescription.


Rav Hillel Zaltzman - CHAMAH President, New York, tel. 917-691-8407

Mrs. Greta Elinson - CHAMAH President, Russia, tel. + 7 495 150 3645

Mrs. Inna Kruglyanskaya - coordinator of program Home Care,CHAMAH, Russia tel. +7 915 010 2226

ISRAEL: P.O.Box 800, Kiriat Malachi 70900. Tel. (08) 850 1313, Fax. (08) 850 1836

USA: 27 William Str., suit 613, New York, N.V., 10005, Tel. (212) 943-9690, Fax (212) 699-3985

RUSSIA: 52A Leningradskoye schosse, Moscow 125212, Tel. (499) 156 1285, Fax (499) 150 3645

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