Недвижимость Северная КаролинаForbes magazine came up with a list of the best U.S. cities for bargain hunters, where markets allow buyers get the most for their money. Two North Carolina cities are in the top ten cities.

Forbes took into consideration such criteria as job growth, low rate of foreclosures, and the dominance of supply over demand in terms of real estate housing market.

  1. Salt Lake City, Utah. The city is experiencing a tremendous rate of economic growth attracting people from all over the country.
  2. Raleigh, North Carolina. The foreclosure statistic are very favorable: one foreclosed home per 319 households. The surplus of real estate is 14,764 objects.
  3. Orlando, Florida. The highest job growth in the state. The city avoided the speculative boom that caused the market decline in the rest of Florida, Tampa especially.
  4. Charlotte, North Carolina. The economic development of the city has led to an increased real estate developer activity, making it a better market for the buyer.
  5. Phoenix, Arizona. Despite the high foreclosure rate - one per 87 households - the city continues to attract newcomers from all over the United States drawn by the economic and job rate growth.
  6. Seattle, Washington. The real estate price increase is very low in the city, local economy still needs new workers, and the city port has taken advantage of the falling dollar.
  7. Las Vegas, Nevada. Despite the decrease in the real estate marker, Las Vegas continues to attract businessmen and their potential employees. This decreases the surplus of unsold homes.
  8. Jacksonville, Florida. The city boasts the lowest foreclosure rate in Florida.
  9. Richmond, Virginia. Only one foreclosure per 1103 households.
  10. Houston, Texas. Based on the number of unsold homes and new construction, the buyers have a better chance to get a bargain on the property.
Source: http://www.forbes.com/forbeslife/realestate/2008/02/07/house-bargain-hunters-forbeslife-cx_mw_0207realestate.html