North Carolina popularity United Van Lines, the largest logistics company dedicated to household moves, published the numbers for 2007 moves that show North Carolina to have the highest inbound moving rate.

The St. Louis based United Van Lines has been tracking moving trends since 1977.

According to the 2007 numbers, North Carolina for the second year in a row is leading in terms of inbound moves, compared to the outbound. 61.6% of the moves originating and terminating in North Carolina are inbound.

North Carolina is followed by Nevada (59.4 %), followed by the District of Columbia (58.5 percent), Oregon (58.4 percent), and Alabama (57.9 percent).

In terms of the states where more people moved out than moved in, Michigan is the leader with 67.8% outbound migration last year. 67.2% of moves in North Dakota were heading out, followed by New Jersey (61 %), New York (59.4 %) and Illinois (57.6 %).

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