We congratulate everyone who celebrates the birth of Christ.


Alexander Men: 

"Yet now today the Christmas star, the star of Bethlehem, shines once again, as it did two thousand years ago, over a world in turmoil. It calls us and reminds us of eternity. That is why Christmas is more than just the 'children's festival', or a family get-together, more than just a holiday.

For some people, the Christmas star is just a decoration on the Christmas tree, but those who think like that are missing the real significance of this holy day.

The star of Christ reminds people of their higher calling. It reminds us of the sacred spark which the Creator has placed in us, the spark which ignites in us love and freedom, faith and creativity, compassion and fellow-feeling.

Someone once asked the philosopher Nicolas Berdyaev the paradoxical question: 'Can God create a stone that he himself could not move?' And Berdyaev promptly answered: 'Yes, that stone is man.'"