no Russian in North Carolina restaurantA restaurant owner in Lexington, NC, put up a sign on his door: "No Russians to speak. No department."

It's almost impossible to translate "No speak Russian. No service"--as that seems to be intended phrase here--unless you know Russian. Which proves the point Greg Simmons was making.

Last months several of his customers were unhappy when they couldn't order food in Spanish. In response to that, the owner of a Lexington restaurant put up the following sign:

English only in NC restaurant

Things got dicy pretty quick. There were threats over the phone and e-mail. A Facebook campaign was launched. Greg made the national news.

Greg got fed up with all this and took down the sign.

Greg points out that he was misunderstood by the Spanish-speaking clients. The sign itself serves as a proof of that, as it is written not only in Spanish, but also in French, Russian, Irish, and German.