On April 21, 2008 the Golovinsky Court in Moscow sentenced a man from South Carolina to three years and two months in prison for smuggling 20 rifle cartridges into Russia.

According to the verdict, Miles, pastor in South Carolina, is due to serve his sentence in a medium-security prison.

A three years and two months prison sentence is a harsh verdict for what by Miles' own admission was a mistake, the U.S. embassy spokesperson said. Mr. Miles is being provided with all necessary consular assistance like any other U.S. citizen, the official said

Miles came to Russia to see his friend on January 29, 2008. The prosecution said he was carrying Winchester carbine cartridges. However, upon entering Russia he failed to declare the ammunition as required by Russian law.

The pastor told the court that he was not familiar with the Russian customs rules. On hearing the verdict, Miles said he regretted what had happened. The pastor's lawyer said he was going to appeal against the court's judgment with the Moscow City Court.