No more inspection stickers in NC Starting November 1, 2008, all vehicles passing state inspection in North Carolina will no longer have inspection stickers that used to go on a windshield on the driver's side. From now on the inspection data wil be stored electronically. Next inspection will coincide with the license plate expiration month.

The North Carolina General Assembly voted to implement the electronic system of tracking the state vehicle inspection.

Beginning November 1, 2008, after your vehicle passes a state inspection you will no longer be issued a sticker that used to be attached inside the windshield on the driver's side. All inspection data will no be transmitted and stored electronically. No more stickers.

When should I pass the state inspection?

After you get your vehicle inspected and you won't get a sticker to remind you of your next due date, you will have to inspect it on the same month as when your license plate needs to renewed. But since no vehicle may be inspected more than once in a 12-month period, it's very likely that your next state inspection will be more than a year from your last one.

For example, your current inspection is due in December 2008 and your license plates do not expire till August 2009. You must take your vehicle to be inspected as stated on your sticker in December 2008. However, since your vehicle cannot be inspected more than once within a year, your next inspection will not be due until August 2010.

If your license plate expires before your next inspection is due, you will be notified of your next inspection when you receive your license plate renewal form. Simply disregard the date on your sticker.

In either case you are actually a winner as you gain extra months for your next inspection.

If prior to all these changes you already had your inspection and license plate expire on the same months, keep doing what you are doing. You won't gain any extra months, but you are not losing anything either.

The NC DOT DMV site contains more info including a "calculator" that will help you figure out your next inspection due date.