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Russian Navy Ships at DNC in Charlotte

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Russian navy ships at DNC CharlotteWhen the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte honored the American veterans they used for their backdrop Russian Navy ships.

The main event of the DNC that took place in Charlotte, North Carolina, September 4-6, was the members of the party officially endorsing Barack Obama as a candidate for president. According to "Kommersant-Online" with reference to the Navy Times, in an event on the last day of the conference, the participants paid tribute to American veterans. During a patriotic speech by retired Admiral John Natman the audience burst into wild applause and the participants chanted "USA" and raised a sign reading "Thank you.

During the admiral's speech the screen behind him displayed a huge picture of warships. Apparently the event organizers wanted to show the assembled audience the military power of the United States. However the ships meant to illustrate the American might were not American but Russian.

Democrats show Russian navy ships when honoring American veterans

In the photo from right to left are: the large anti-submarine ship "Kerch" Project 1134; a patrol boat "Smetliviy" (Project 61M/01090); Ukrainian Navy frigate "Hetman Sagaidachny" (Project 11351) and a Project 1135 frigate (either "Ladniy" or "Pytliviy"). All the ships except for "Sagaidachnogo" are based in Sevastopol and belong to the 11th Brigade of the anti-submarine ships of the 30th division of the Black Sea Surface Fleet.





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