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Moldova - NC Parner

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On Monday, April 10, an official delegation from the State of North Carolina visited Moldova. North Carolina and Moldova have been in a unique (at least for the state of NC) partnership since 1999.


According to Salut.md, this visit addressed the issues of partnership in trade, economic, education, and cultural areas, as well as in the spheres of tourism.

More about this partnership:

The North Carolina - Moldova Partnership for Peace program is based upon an agreement to link these two states together to better facilitate cooperation in the areas of civil emergency operations, expansion of markets, cultural, scientific and academic exchanges, and the coordination of humanitarian efforts of many governmental and non-governmental organizations.

The North Carolina - Moldova Partnership was formalized on April 22, 1999 by the Republic of Moldova and the State of North Carolina. It has since evolved into a partnership that includes the efforts of many more organizations and individuals to include private firms, civic organizations and non-profit agencies. The partnership is a bi-lateral association with planning committees in both North Carolina and the Republic of Moldova who work together in a cooperative effort to improve and enrich the lives of everyone it touches.

North Carolina - Moldova Partnership Page - North Carolina Department of the Secretary of State.





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