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NC governor wife's spending in Russia

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nc governor wife The wife of the Democrat governor of North Carolina Mary Easley had a very good time during her visit to St. Petersburg. The first lady of North Carolina got to enjoy the North Capital of Russia at our expenses.

The Charlotte Observer newspaper decided in July of this year to look into the overseas travels of Mary Easley, the wife of Mike Easley, the governor of North Carolina. The travels to Europe cost the taxpayers $109,000.

In particular the newspaper was shocked with the prices in St. Petersburg, where Mary Easley visited in May 2008. The plain tickets to Russia cost $34,388. The tickets to the ballet at Mariinskiy Theater in St. Petersburg were $1,100. The hotel was $800 a night. Dinner was $100 a person.

The Observer quotes a source claiming that $500 will buy you the best hotel and the fanciest meal in Moscow. It's been a while since the newspaper staff have been to Moscow.

Source: http://www.charlotte.com/540/story/693882.htm





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