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Cricket wireless $25 referral credit

Cricket Wireless offers affordable cell phone service that includes unlimited calls and text, as well as mobile data, for as low as $35 a month. You can buy one of their phones or bring your own unlocked GSM phone. This type of cellular service is more familiar to the European clientelle, where there is more freedom in owning your own phone and taking it to a mobile company you prefer (all you have to do is switch a SIM card) as opposed to what we are used to in the US, being locked-in to a cell phone provider with a 2-year plan with a phone that works only with that company. If you are looking for more freedom with no contract and less money, give Cricket Wireless a try.

Use this $25 Cricket referral credit to save twenty five dollars when you sign-up.

Mobile Plans from Cricket Wireless

The freedom of using SIM cards with no long range, two-year agreements, is more familiar to an overseas mobile user. Up until recently, most of the American cell phone providers, such as Verizon and Sprint, would mainly offer 24-months contracts with a stiff penalty for those trying to get out of it.

Cricket Wireless offers no contract access to mobile communications. All you have to do is pay month-to-month; you can leave at any time, if you'd like (and, by the way, take the phone with you which you can use with other GSM provider.)

The plans themselves are pretty impressive, as low as $35 a month (with auto pay from you credit card.) All the taxes and fees included (compare it to the other guys that charge extra for those.) Each plan comes with unlimited talk and text. The mobile data is as seen on the picture below: you get whatever you choose at high speed 4G. If you use it up, you still have mobile internet but at a slower 2G.

Cricket wireless $25 coupon

Cricket Wireless also offers discounts when signing up additional lines: $10 off the second phone line, $20 off the third, $30 off the fourth, and $40 off the fifth. You can have five lines for a total of $100 a month.

Cricket wireless $25 discount offer

$25 discount offer from Cricket: sign up and receive a 25-dollar credit to your account.

Cricket Smartphones

Cricket Wireless uses SIM cards on GSM phones which allows for more flexibility compared to the traditional American cell phone companies that offer CDMA mobile phones locked to their services which cannot be used on any other network.

You can buy a phone from the Cricket site (they offer very competitive pricing on their phones with activation and constanly run special offers and sales.) You may also bring your own unlocked GSM phone; the only thing you will need to get is a SIM card from Cricket. You may also purchase an unlocked GSM phone and a Cricket SIM card from other sources, such as eBay. Activate your phone on Cricket using this link.

Don't forget about the $25 Cricket Wireless referral credit you will get when you sign up.

Cricket Coverage

Cricket Wireless is a part of AT&T and uses their towers. Refer to the Cricket Coverage Map.

Using Cricket Wireless in Europe, Russia, and other Countries

Cricket SIM cards may be used in USA, Canada, and Mexico (with Smart and Pro plans.) Read more about Cricket International.

Unlike a lot of the traditional US cell phones that work on CDMA rendering them useless overseas, Cricket Wireless uses GSM, which allows their phones to be used in Europe and Russia. All you need is to make sure your GSM is unlocked (if you bought one from Cricket directly, they will unlock it for free; if you brought your own, then it is already unlocked.)

Although your Cricket SIM card will not work, it is very easy to obtain a local SIM card in Russia and Europe, you can get one as soon as you land, right at the airport, if you'd like.

International Calls and Texts on Cricket

Cricket offers an option of making unlimited calls and sening text messages to a number of countries. Please refer to Cricket International.

Cricket Wireless $25 Referral Credit and other Discounts, Offers, and Coupons

Cricket Wireless constantly runs special offers and discounts, just check their site.

In addition to whatever offers Cricket is giving, you will receive a $25 credit to your Cricket account by clicking the link.

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